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Looking for affordable quality coverage? In between health plans? Short Term Medical plans let you decide how much coverage you want and for how long, with individual and family options available.

Monthly Pricing Starting at

$ 95.75*

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Short Term Health Insurance

Our Short Term Health Insurance gives you a plan to face those unpredictable moments in life with confidence. It provides the financial protection you need from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses.

Doctor Visits


Some Preventative Care

Emergency Room


Ambulance Coverage

Urgent Care Benefits


And More..

Short Term Health Insurance

$250,000 or $1,000,000 in benefits available per coverage term

Short Term Health Insurance offers different level of benefits among plans, to ensure you choose the right option. Flexibility makes Short Term Health Insurance very affordable. Choose from a variety of deductible and coinsurance options designed to help you find the plan that fits your budget.

Missed the deadline for open enrollment?
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Short term medical insurance is health coverage designed to cover individuals for a pre-determined length of time. These plans can be substantially less expensive than traditional major medical policies.

Short term medical is a great option for:

Those who missed the open enrollment period for major medical

Individuals who are in a probationary period at a new job and waiting for benefits to begin

Those who are looking for a lower cost alternative to major medical

Students who are leaving parental coverage and more

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In between Health Insurance plans?

This is a great health insurance alternative. These plans tend to be cheaper compared to major medical plans and has many of the same benefits.


Fast acting coverage once you apply your coverage can start as early as tomorrow.


Coverage outside of the enrollement period


Coverage for an unexpected Injury or Accident.


Flexible plan term options between 30 days up to 1 year.

Short Term Health Insurance
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